WELCOME:   Welcome to the exciting new way of helping others

HelpMeee.com Is a new philanthropic movement being created and will be launched from a vision from our founder Spiros Tsiaousis who from a very early age devoted his life for enlightenment and making this world a better place for all.

  VISION: The HelpMeee vision is to create a safe and secure environment on the rapidly growing online world of the internet where people can GET HELP in a time when people are in crisis and needing a helping hand.   REASONS WHEN PEOPLE ARE IN NEED: * One may be suicidal * Physically, emotionally or mentally abused * Death or problems with someone close * Depression or mental illness * Important decisions that affects ones welfare * And more   HOW IT WORKS: New People type in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, iTunes Bing etc) Their reason for needing HELP For example- “I’m feeling suicidal” or ” need help” and by the generosity of the search engines as well as other marketing methods, these enquiries will be directed to HelpMeee.com.   Then at our website there will be volunteers waiting on our CHATS such as qualified and reputable individuals at level 1 communication. The friendly general discussion takes place, and the HELP and GUIDANCE is given.     If the issue is more serious then the chat is transferred to level 2 support by qualified volunteers who are counsellors , coaches and reputable people with a track record of helping others.   So level 2 leaders will train and monitor level 1at all times.   Relationships will be developed where there will be ongoing assistance for the people in need   TYPES OF SUPPORT A. There is one off support B. Short term Support C. Long term support   CAN I HELP? YES you sure can. Please contact us through this website and provide the following details FULL NAME – PHONE NUMBERS – ( INCLUDE ALL NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL CODES) EMAILS – CHAT IDs – POSTAL ADDRESS – And write a brief description of yourself and how you potentially would like to help   WAYS I CAN HELP:   DONATE TIME –   You can help as a volunteer and give some of your time every week, fortnight or month.   We are currently looking for key people on a voluntary basis to assist in developing this amazing mission.   We are looking for – Team Leaders Managers Web Developers Marketers Internet Marketers General Volunteers Counsellors Coaches Qualified Persons With Specific Skills / Degrees   DONATE RESOURCES – Contact us to discuss potential resources you can contribute to the exciting mission   DONATE MONEY (Assist in funding the mission) – As in every good cause there is a need to run, maintain and build a mission. So the same is applicable to here as well.   You can donate any given amount. You can do a one off contribution. You can elect to donate on a regular basis   CLICK ON THE DONATE BUTTON   SPREAD THE WORD: So tell all your friends, relatives and loved ones about this exciting mission and we would love to have you JOIN THE TEAM that wants to make a positive difference to the world.